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Based at the beautiful Marriott Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida, the Creavy School of Golf was founded by owner and Lead Instructor, Tom Creavy.

Tom has taught the game of golf almost his entire career. He worked as David Leadbetter's First Assistant for many years, having coached legendary golfers like Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Ernie Els. Tom also worked exclusively with Hall of Fame LPGA golfer Se Ri Pak from 2000 to 2016. 

Tom's philosophy for any of his students is to keep the game as simple as possible. His ability to analyze a swing is second to none, as he can quickly and easily pinpoint the root cause of a swing's flaw. He'll immediately help you implement changes and corrections to your golf swing, chipping motion or putting stroke.

"I've built a clientele that includes junior players, tour players, amateur players - anywhere from a scratch player to a 30 handicap. And frankly, I get the same enjoyment working with a 15, 20, 30 handicap golfer, than I do working with an up and coming tour player. For me, the gratification of seeing my students' smile as they see significant improvement come to their game is what it's all about. And it's why I love doing what I do!" -- Tom Creavy

The Creavy School of Golf is available for private lessons, group lessons, corporate outings and youth summer camps. We also offer a whole world of online golf instruction. Have a look around our website. We feel confident that the Creavy School of Golf provides the best golf instruction out there. 


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Send a video of your current swing to Tom and he'll take it from there. You'll get real, unfiltered content from one of the best to ever coach. 

You'll hear about grip, posture & alignment, ball position, clubhead speed, tempo, swing path, swing plane -- and that's just getting started!

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Tom Creavy brings a love for golf to his teaching style, helping his students to the next level both at the practice range and on the golf course.

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Tom Creavy has worked with some of the game's top players including Ernie Els and Hall of Fame LPGA golfer Se Ri Pak. 

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