Company Outings

Many companies offer golf outings as a way of rewarding exceptional employees and major clients. Certainly, your clients & employees will appreciate the chance to improve their golf swing or putting stroke. A lot of progress can be achieved when everyone is relaxed. People feel free to talk more openly, essentially translating to better communication and performance in the work place.

As with any promotional investment, the question is how do you make your investment pay-off even bigger dividends? The answer is to make your investment even more personal and active with a golf outing from the Creavy School of Golf! 

Deliver the attention your employees and clients deserve and let your company be remembered every time they hit a golf ball, not just for the next two weeks. Tom Creavy will provide your clients with all the tools to improve their golf swings forever. 

Schedule your company outing with the Creavy School of Golf today!


Schedule your company outing today!